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Paint & Decor

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Paint & Decor

For more than 90 years, General Paint has provided superior paint that stands up to the challenges of everyday living. If it's new in paint, it's here at General Paint.

Every day we work to bring you the best quality paint that's available. To do this, our master mixologists start with superior ingredients, combined to their exacting proportions.

Along with other ingredients, like specially formulated acrylic polymers, General Paint uses substantially more solid pigment and resin in our products, plus more functional paint solids than other leading premium paints. This quality means our paint slides more easily, covers better, hides marks, resists scuffing and finishes more beautifully. It's a quality you'll notice every day.

Try out as many paint colours as you want with General Paint's Virtual Decorator for Homeowners. Plus their website offers professional resources. Drop in to the store and be sure to bring your ideas, colours and swatches.

Ready to get started on your project right away? Contact us or Request a quote.

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